About me

I’m a Brazilian software engineer currently living in Milan, Italy, currently working at http://letsevents.com.br as a technical lead and partner.

I’m passionate about my job and started programming for fun as a teenager. When I was 19 years old I started working as a web developer, using mainly PHP stacks.

I consider software engineering as a creativity job, which makes me look for interesting and stimulating experiences. I believe a good interface and a clean software design are the expressions of the intersection between art and technology.

During my career I’ve worked mainly as a full stack web developer, with particular focus on Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Languages/technlogies I’ve experienced with (order of preference):
– Ruby / Rails
– Javascript / ReactJs / Backbone.Js
– GraphQL
– MySQL / PostgreSQL
– PL/pgSQL
– MongoDB
– Python 3
– Curious about Elixir and Crystal

Linkedin Profile
My github profile: khamusa
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